Growing up in rural Cameroon, Tebu listened to both the music of traditional Africa and all the diverse sounds available via the radio. He first learned drumming and percussion instruments such as the balaphon, and then progressed to piano, which is essentially a sophisticated percussion instrument.  He studied jazz harmony while continuing to absorb music from all over the globe, and combined different traditions into original compositions while exploring the different expressive characters of the voice, guitar and piano, while always mindful of the central role percussion instruments play in music. Tebu is now based in Manchester and collaborates with musicians of many kinds combining rhythmic and harmonic influences from jazz, Indian, Persian, Latin American and African traditions. In the sounds of the Tebu quartet you will hear original music which fuses Cameroonian folk songs, Brazilian samba, and echoes of music from across the globe. Tebu Quartet is the culmination of a journey from the Cameroonian village to the global village which lives and breathes in Manchester.

Piano – Tagné Tebu, Drum – Myke Wilson, Bass – Nick Harris, Flute – Heather Bird