Tebu is a multi-instrumentalist musician from Cameroon. He’s got a smooth and soulful sound that reaches depth within the listener. He’s got the ability to take the most trite and obvious songs and make you think you have never heard them before, and that he’s performing/playing exclusively for you.
Tebu was born in Douala, Cameroon. And at the age of 7, he took up drums, which later influence his use of the piano as a percussion instrument when introduced to piano at the age of 15.
Tebu developed his piano skills by exploring music on his own. A notable influence was musician Zebson Pindy, from whom Tebu started taking lessons at age 17 and who introduced him to classical jazz, helping spark his interest in musical composition. He spent several years as a soloist and performer in Cameroon, Germany, Denmark and France where he was exposed to American Jazz.
Tebu’s music is powerful and introspective, blending African, Latin and Caribbean musical influences. He has a spiritual view of composing music, feeling out each composition as though it were coming to him from another space, another dimension and catch notes from the silence and then simply placing them together.
Tebu’s solo style reveals a dissonant, Avant garde orientation. His Avant garde playing can be heard on “Song for My Father”.
On ” Stay Strong”, Tagné took a stylistic turn from Avant garde playing to a fusion style that blend Latin jazz elements and Afro-Caribbean flavors.
Tebu is currently recording his first album with guests.
His sound will immediately be recognizable in the upper register, but even more so because of his virtuosity in creating, undoubtedly, the most rapid, punctuating, and pulsating bass lines and silky smooth chord progressions.
Tebu currently makes Manchester UK home!
Tebu is an artist to watch!