by Tagné + Kooj
a performance of global-jazz music and live-mixed video 
about migration and borders

PHM Manchester 22nd Feb // Seven Arts Leeds 3rd April // More Music Morecambe 25th April

Using poetic visuals and documentary sequences against a musical landscape Viva Declaration! connects migration with colonial history, economics, political and environmental conflicts, human rights, contemporary protest and campaigns for migration justice. The critical questions and vivid emotions have never been so relevant than here and right now in post-Brexit UK.

Original version commissioned as ‘Declaration’ in 2019 by HOME Manchester.  
Duration: approx 75 mins + Q&A. Available for booking – contact us.

“complex, nuanced and uncompromisingly political. Important work raising the big questions of our time”

– Stella Barnes, Director of CAN (Manchester, UK)

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