The Tebu Project at Bridgewater Hall. Friday 2nd June 2017.

Tagné Tebu is a multi-instrumentalist musician from Cameroon. He’s got a smooth and soulful sound that reaches depth within the listener. He’s got the ability to take the most trite and obvious songs and make you think you have never heard them before, and that he’s performing exclusively for you. Tagné’s music is powerful and introspective, blending African, Latin and Caribbean musical influences. He has a spiritual view of composing music, feeling out each composition as thought it were coming to him from another space, another dimension and catch notes from the silence and then simply placing together Two of the integral members of The Tebu Project, Cameroonian Tagné Tebu (Percussion) and Kinshasa-born Eddy Tshepe Tshepela (piano), first appeared at the 2015 Manchester Jazz Festival as Afrika Jazz. Today they are joined by Congolese bass-player, Job Kayembe and Cumbrian flautist, Heather Bird. Expect classic jazz tinged with African and Latin rhythms, along with some of Tagné Tebu’s own compositions. Time: 12.30PM Free

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